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As a major agricultural country, the Netherlands is a natural partner in the agricultural development of Vietnam. The Netherlands is the third biggest exporter of agricultural and food products in the World. The most important products are dairy, horticultural products, potatoes and seeds. Every year, a large number of companies show their interest in setting up a partnership. 

The Agricultural Section in the Embassy of the Kindom of the Netherlands in Hanoi is a part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Netherlands (LNV), working closelly with the Embassy in Hanoi and Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City  Being established as a section in the Embassy since 2003, its activities are under the instructions and management of the Agricultural Counselor based in Bangkok and its mandate equiped with Senior Technical Assistant and an Agricultural Assistant who are based in Hanoi.



With the motto “Food production and rural areas of international standing”, the ministry strives for safe, responsibly produced food and a living countryside. This also applies for Vietnam, representing partly by cooperation projects. Currently, Hanoi office of LNV is focusing on four (04) Public Private Partnership projects including:

·        Public Private Partnership in Cocoa with an aim to improve the quality of sustainable cocoa production in Vietnam

·        Public Private Partnership in Coffee

·        Public Private Partnership in Fisheries

·        Partnership in Water for Food and Ecosystem (WFE)

The Agricultural Section actively offers support to not only Dutch companies already present or interested in doing business in Vietnam but also to Vietnamese companies interested in trading with Dutch companies.

Such assistance varies and consists of:

.        Providing assistance through meetings with high level politicans and decision makers

·        Providing information on agricultural policies, programs and activities of the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

·        Assisting local agri-business sector and other organizations in providing adequate, current and accurate information on Dutch agricultural practices, processes, trade contacts, legislation and products or research information

·        Advising Dutch companies on Vietnam’s agricultural practices, processes, trade contacts, legislation and relevant business information

·        Serving as a liaison office with Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as other government organizations and private sectors particularly on agricultural matters affecting trade and investment.

·        Carrying out researches and studies, in cooperation with other international organizations and companies, with an aim to support Dutch companies in getting to know more about Vietnam’s agricultural situation in details

·        Helping Vietnamese companies in accessing the Program for co-operation with emerging markets (PSOM) which is an initiative by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the development of private sector in Vietnam

The Agricultural Section is open for requests of information coming both from Dutch and Vietnamese companies and organizations.

For information, please contact:

Agricultural Section

Embassy of the Kindom of the Netherlands

6th floor, Deaha Business Tower

360 Kim Ma str., Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84 4 38315650

Fax: +84 4 38315605


 Agricultural office in Bangkok